For many years, HES NSW has been assisting our customers with targeted, industry-specific training related to working at heights. One of our customers whom we have worked with in this way is Sydney based NIDA, the National Institute of Dramatic Art.

NIDA is Australia's leading institute for education and training in the dramatic arts.

Recently NIDA's Peter Savage, Associate Lecturer and Course Coordinator for Production, contacted HES NSW's Peter Allman and arranged for a group of 13 international students to be trained in Working Safely at Heights. This training is a requirement for certain courses at NIDA and increases safety, especially for individuals who work in lighting and the upper areas of theatres.

We contacted Stephanie Kells, Training Administrator at our training partner Spanset Australia who sent trainer Jon McQuade to NIDA at Kensington on February 15th. Spanset is a market leader in Height Safety supply and training and this course is nationally recognised and accredited.

The course was held successfully on the 15th. John reports that the students were enthusiastic and the training went very well, with all attendees passing with flying colours.

NIDA is a great example of an employer taking safety seriously. All employers have a duty of care to provide training and instruction for High Risk activities. HES NSW is able to assist our customers fulfil these obligations. Please contact us today if you are interested in learning more about training opportunities.