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Gantry Cranes

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Feltes Aluminium Gantry Cranes are the favoured lifting equipment within the construction industry.

HES stock three models of the German designed and manufactured Cranes:

  • Static Gantry Crane which enables the loads to be lifted in fixed positions
  • Folding Gantry Crane which is ideal for workspaces with limited space
  • Moveable Gantry Crane which enables the user to move the gantry while loaded

Each model is manufactured with lightweight aluminium which provides an optimal balance between portability and ease of use while bearing significant loads of weight.  The aluminium beams range from 2 to 5 metres (loads to 1,500kg) and 6 metres (up to 1,000kg). All three cranes can be disassembled for ease of transportation and quickly reassembled in just 5 minutes. This provides the user with maximum flexibility in meeting their lifting requirements.