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Here at Hoisting Equipment Specialists, we work with all makes and models of cranes and hoists, providing the servicing and maintenance that you need to keep your equipment running as effectively and efficiently as possible. We recommend servicing your equipment regularly so as to keep it working properly over the years.

With our services, you can keep all of your cranes and hoists in top working order at all times so that you never have to turn down or delay a job due to equipment issues. Regular maintenance and inspections can help alert you to any possible issues before they become major problems, thus minimising equipment downtime and saving your organisation heaps of money on repairs down the track. It is virtually always more cost-efficient to conduct regular, smaller repairs than major overhauls when something goes seriously wrong.

All of our technicians are highly trained and experienced, so you can rest assured that you are in capable hands when you choose to work with us. We are licensed and insured for your protection and all of our work meets and exceeds current Australian safety standards and requirements.

We will always provide you with detailed reporting of any work that we have completed so that you can update the service records for your equipment. Using our online portal, you can easily and conveniently track the status of any job, as well as our service recommendations for your equipment at any time. With all of this information at your fingertips, you'll never miss a service appointment again!

Crane and Hoisting Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your cranes and other hoisting equipment is crucial to ensuring the safety of your workers while on the job. Our service facilities are fully equipped to handle all manner of repairs and maintenance for your hoisting equipment so that it will function safely and efficiently. We can also conduct repairs on-site for you if need be, depending on the types of repairs needed.

Our technicians are highly trained in all types of crane and hoist repairs and are familiar with working with all of the top brands in the industry. We keep a vast selection of crane and hoist parts in stock in our warehouse. We can typically get your job done right away. If we do not have a particular part that we need, we will order it for you so that we can complete the job. Our goal is to help you and your team get back to work as quickly as possible.

Crane Installation and Service

When you need to do some heavy lifting at your construction site, you need a crane to get the job done. We will come to your location to get a crane set up for you, ensuring that it is installed securely so that your workers will be safe while on the job. We'll make sure that all load-bearing anchor points are properly fastened and secured so that there is minimal risk for your team. We'll complete all of the electrical work as well so that your crane is fully operational and ready to go when you need it.

To keep that crane in perfect working order, we offer maintenance and repair services as well. We can work on your crane on-site for your convenience, or we can transport it to our fully equipped service centre for more extensive repairs. Our expert technicians will identify and diagnose the problem so that we can get you back up and running as soon as is humanly possible.

General Service and Repairs

Having the appropriate lifting and hoisting equipment for your job site is essential to getting your work done accurately and efficiently. Having that equipment functioning at its optimal level is even more critical to your efforts. At Hoisting Equipment Specialists, we are here to help you do just that.

Our team of expert technicians is equipped to work on a wide range of lifting and hoisting equipment, including:

  • Chain Hoists
  • Lever Hoists
  • Electric and Manual Winches
  • Hydraulic Pumps and Rams
  • Chain Slings
  • Plate Clamps
  • Wire Rope Pullers
  • Electric and Pneumatic Hoists
  • and more...

We offer comprehensive maintenance packages that include everything you need to keep your equipment in perfect working order for many years to come. We can assist you with everything from routine maintenance inspections to major repairs and system overhauls. We work hard so that your heavy lifting equipment can continue to do the hard work for you.

Inspection and Testing Services

When it comes to operating your construction business, it is critical that your equipment meets and exceeds all Australian and International safety standards, both for the protection of your business and of your workers. However, it is not enough to have your equipment tested just one time; this is an ongoing effort that you must keep up with on a regular basis to ensure that your equipment continues to stay up to standard.

Here at Hoisting Equipment Specialists, we can put your equipment through a battery of tests to ensure that it is functioning as it should be. Our testing facilities have capabilities of measuring up to 100 tonnes, so you can rest assured that our results are extensive and detailed.

We'll also conduct visual inspections of all chain slings, wire rope slings, webbing, round slings and spreader bars so that we can alert you to any potential issues that might arise in the future. We'll provide you with all necessary certifications and documentations for your records.

Height Safety Training

Here at Hoisting Equipment Specialists, we recognise that it is not enough to have properly functioning hoisting equipment for your job site; your workers need to be properly trained and educated to use that equipment as well. That is why we are proud to offer full height safety training services for your team.

We partner with Spanset, a nationally accredited training provider, to give your workforce the skills and knowledge they need to manage and use your equipment effectively and safely. These training programs meet all current legal licensing and certification requirements, so you can have confidence that your team will be up to standard when it comes to their knowledge and skills with regards to your equipment.

Inspect-Safe Download

To help keep your organisation on track when it comes to inspections, maintenance and repairs of your hoisting and lifting equipment, we offer Inspect-Safe software for your convenience. This application makes it easy to keep track of the necessary upcoming repairs for all of your equipment so that you never miss an appointment.

You'll have all of the data you need right at your fingertips, enabling you to make informed decisions about which equipment to use for a particular job with accuracy and ease. You can track all of your equipment by name, serial number and location so that you'll always know where each piece of equipment is employed and when it will next need to be serviced.

Our associates can help familiarise you with the software so that you can get up and running with it as quickly as possible. We're always here to help whenever you have any questions.

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