Legally required

Hoisting Equipment Specialists (HES) knows that a properly trained and accredited workforce is a safe workforce.

If your business involves lifting equipment and rigging equipment your employees are required to undergo height safety training. Undertaking height safety training is not only the right thing to do it is a requirement of the law.

Australian Standard 1891.4-2009 requires that all users of fall arrest equipment and all workers associated with harness based work at heights must undergo training and be assessed by a nationally accredited training facility offering general height safety courses for operators.

At HES we have access to a nationally accredited training provider, Spanset, who can provide your workforce with the height safety training enabling them to work at heights or within confined spaces.



Spanset are leaders in the development of Working at Heights, Confine Space and Rescue Evacuation Training: 

  • Spanset are nationally accredited, 
  • Spanset deliver specific and concise training tailored to your specific needs and 
  • Spanset trainers are highly qualified with extensive industry experience. 

Through the HES partnership with Spanset we provide our clients with a choice of courses to cater for their specific needs. Courses cover working at heights, working in confined spaces and rescue training and range in duration from a half day to three days. 

Ensure that your workers are safe and that you are legally compliant through height safety training conducted by Spanset training and arranged by HES. 

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